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LUDA – Psychic Medium – Tarot Reader

Luda uses her natural abilities as a psychic, clairvoyant and medium to assist clients advance on a new path with a clear direction moving forward. Luda also often uses her beloved Tarot and Oracle cards in past, present and future Readings.  Specialising in family matters, relationships ,disputes and life direction.
Luda’s background in the art of divination runs deep in her ancestral line and her care, compassion and confidentiality with clients is first and foremost in her deliverance of psychic and mediumship readings and messages.
Having the balance of an extensive life and legal field experience Luda decided to put her abilities to use in assisting people who are struggling with family, love or career related issues or concerns.
Luda also offers Inspirational and Spiritual Artwork.

DIANE – Psychic Channel Clairvoyant 

Diane is a psychic channel clairvoyant guided by her divine spiritual connection. Diane’s passion is to help assist you in the present moment to surrender & allow flow, to be able to open & be receptive to limitless possibilities that your soul desires.
By focusing her intent on your questions Diane brings you messages from your guides, angels & loved ones in the spirit world.
Coming from a long line of psychic clairvoyants, Diane uses her gifts of clear audience & channelling to bring insight, clarity & direction into your life.
Diane specialises in readings that provide guidance in life, love & career path.

LITSA – Psychic Medium, Theragem Crystal Light Therapist, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer 

Litsa is an intuitive Psychic Medium, Theragem Crystal Light Therapist, Spiritual Advisor and Energy Healer.

Litsa has been a professional reader for over 20 years.

JULIE – Cosmic Navigator, Numerology, Astrology, Divine Guidance

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom”
Julie is passionate about Numerology & Astrology, She trusts & works with the universe and science, with the divine guidance of spirit.
Numerology is the study of your Birth date,and your name, it’s your map to understanding your emotional & psychological & spiritual pattering of your life’s destiny.
Each number & lettering has a vibrational energy which tells your personal life story. “It’s all about You”
Astrology Your soul’s divine plan. Your natal astrology birth chart is a Snapshot of the universe at the precise moment you were born.
You have a celestial map through Numerology & Astrology to help you navigate your path forward in this lifetime.
When you harmonise to the rhythm of the universe, you can ride the waves with ease instead of fighting against the tide.

MAZ – Guest Psychic, 7th Generation Psychic Clairvoyant – Spiritual Channel – Tarot Reader

Maz is of Indigenous New Zealand descent, a 7th generation healer and psychic reader.
As a young child Maz regularly saw and spoke with spirits so psychic work has been
a very natural progression for her as an adult. Her soul essence is to provide her
client with a sense of clarity, understanding and healing, with the utmost respect and
Maz started reading Tarot Cards over 20 years ago with her mother and aunty.
Specialising in relationships, money, health and career path.

ROSEMARY – Guest Psychic Medium

A member of the International Psychics Association and a Paranormal Investigator, Rosemary has over twenty-five years of experience as a psychic and is the published author of two dream books. Often a guest on local radio in her capacity as an authority on dreams, Rosemary has also been headhunted by local libraries to facilitate workshops in Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry, as well as in Dream Symbolism.
Rosemary has been in demand as a psychic reader at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for over eleven years.
As a Psychic Development Teacher, Rosemary has mentored many budding psychics and has been instrumental in developing the self-confidence of many of today’s practising psychics, some of whom are on Psychic T.V.
Known as ‘The Oracle’ by family members, because of her prophetic dreams and psychic ability, Rosemary is an Irish High School teacher and an academic with a Masters of Applied Science.
Specialising in Dream Interpretation, Palmistry, Numerology & Mediumship.


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